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Episode Transriptions

Episode 52 Transcript: How Salesforce is Pushing for Greener AI

Episode 51 Transcript: Revisiting Kadeya, the Future of Reusable Water Bottles

Episode 50 Transcript: Rethinking Commutes: Getting E-Bikes from Work

Episode 49 Transcript: Cleaning up the chemical industry

Episode 48 Transcript: Water, Water, Everywhere: Quicker, Easier Hydroelectric Power

Episode 47 Transcript: Daily Harvest CEO on Climate-Friendly Food and Organic Farming

Episode 46 Transcript: Ryan Panchadsaram on Tracking Progress to Net Zero by 2050

Episode 45 Transcript: Making Better Everything with Natural Materials

Episode 44 Transcript: Solving the Plastic Crisis with Seaweed

Episode 43 Transcript: Enphase and a Pool of Energy at Every Home

Episode 42 Transcript: Making a Splash with Vertical Farming

Episode 41 Transcript: Diving into Urban EV Charging with It's Electric

Episode 40 Transcript: A Splash of Hope Against Food Waste

Episode 39 Transcript: Geothermal: The Pool's Underground Heater

Episode 38 Transcript: Utilities Are the Key to the Energy Transition. Who’s In the Pool?

Episode 37 Transcript: The Deep End: Quantum Computing

Episode 36 Transcript: Wading Into AI and Biodiversity

Episode 35 Transcript: Why Swim When You Can Fly

Episode 34 Transcript: Sustainable Prefab: the Wave of the Future

Episode 33 Transcript: Soaking up Carbon From the Atmosphere

Episode 32 Transcript: Activate: Filling the Pool with Geniuses

Episode 31 Transcript: CES is in the Deep End

Episode 30 Transcript: Everybody Who was in the 2023 Pool

Episode 29 Transcript: Building a Community Pool (of Electrified Houses)

Episode 28 Transcript: The Deep End of Electric Cars

Episode 27 Transcript: Better Swimming through 3D Printed Furniture

Episode 26 Transcript: How the Property Industry is Bailing Itself Out with VC

Episode 25 Transcript: Surviving when the Water is Rising

Episode 24 Transcript: Making Metal out of Water

Episode 23 Transcript: Los Angeles Has Entered the Pool

Episode 22 Transcript: Floating Airships of the Past and Future

Episode 21 Transcript: Don’t Sleep on Solar

Episode 20 Transcript: What Goes into that Pool You’re Building

Episode 19 Transcript: Cement That Won’t Sink Us

Episode 18 Transcript: Imaging Oceans with no Plastic

Episode 17 Transcript: Why Reusable Water Bottles Ain’t Gonna Cut It

Episode 16 Transcript: Swimming with Vegans

Episode 15 Transcript: Who’s in the Pool at Mill

Episode 14 Transcript: We’re Drowning in Gift Wrap

Episode 13 Transcript: Food Waste: Hidden Climate Flood

Episode 12 Transcript: When the Flood is at your Door

Episode 11 Transcript: Ridwell Helps Recycling Flow to the Right Place

Episode 10 Transcript: Your Dollars, New Renewable Energy Projects, Everybody Swims

Episode 9 Transcript: Make Climate Action Easy: Have a Pool Party!

Episode 8 Transcript: What if Planes Only Emitted Water

Episode 7 Transcript: Don’t Drown Your Old Gear

Episode 6 Transcript: You, Your Money, and Finding Yourself in the Deep End

Episode 5 Transcript: Colleges Try to Clean the Pool

Episode 4 Transcript: Draining the Fossil Fuel Pool

Episode 3 Transcript: Fill the Pool, not the Package

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