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Molly Wood, smiling.


Molly is the founder and CEO of Molly Wood Media and the voice of the climate economy. With more than 20 years covering technology and business as a writer, podcaster and broadcaster for CBS Interactive, The New York Times and Marketplace, Molly has turned her full focus to the climate crisis. 


In her weekly podcast, Everybody in the Pool, Molly explores solutions to the climate crisis, whether it's a new composting system from the people who designed NEST, or the company making modular hydrogen fuel capsules that are the "Nespresso capsule" for air travel.

A companion newsletter offers a deep dive on climate solutions, finance, business trends, and explainers.  


Molly is also an early-stage climate tech investor and helps both enterprise and startup businesses tell their climate stories as a consultant and storyteller.

If you are interested in having Molly advise, invest, consult or develop a climate-forward platform for your business, you can contact 

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