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Episode 51 Transcript: Revisiting Kadeya, the Future of Reusable Water Bottles

The complete transcript for episode 51.

Episode 51 Transcript: Revisiting Kadeya, the Future of Reusable Water Bottles

Molly Wood Voice-Over: Welcome to Everybody in the Pool, the podcast where we dive deep into the innovative solutions and the brilliant minds who are tackling the climate crisis head-on. I'm Molly Wood.

This week … I am thrilled to report that Everybody in the Pool is officially one year old … yep … we kept the baby alive, everyone! I have had the pleasure of interviewing so many entrepreneurs and investors and inspiring practitioners who are doing the WORK to create a better world for all of us …

And in that time … the conversation has only gotten more relevant … in episode TWO, we previewed the problem of home insurance … and how it was getting harder to get insurance in high fire, high flood, and other climate risk-prone areas… turns out THAT was a big deal.

Some of the companies I’ve featured have continued to thrive … Magrathea Metals … which makes magnesium metal out of seawater … made a 28 million dollar partnership with the Department of Defense … to establish domestic manufacturing of this critical metal.

Alternative cement maker Brimstone … got a 189 million dollar grant from the Department of Energy … to build a demonstration plant to make … that carbon-neutral cement …

Climatize … the crowd-funding platform that helps raise money for renewable energy projects and gives small investors a return by helping fund those projects … was just written up in the Wall Street Journal … for a solar farm project they helped get funded … that’s providing much needed income to a farming family.

IT’S HAPPENING … so this week I also want to re-expose you … to a startup that’s really been crushing it lately … that I profiled last summer … Take a look back … at Kadeya.


Molly Wood Voice-Over: That's it for this episode of Everybody in the Pool. Thank you so much for listening.

If you’re new to the show … check out those early episodes and get caught up and hopefully inspired by the hope … the ingenuity … and the optimism that’s all around us.

Together … we can get this done.

Email me your thoughts and suggestions to in at everybody in the pool dot com and find all the latest episodes and more at everybody in the pool dot com, the website. And if you want to become a subscriber and get an ad-free version of the show, hit the link in the description in your podcast app of choice.

Thank you to those of you who already have. See you next week.

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